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Masala Chy is a modern small company that was born behind the counter of a high-volume specialty cafe. We emerged in response to the needs within our context, but we’re driven by a vision shared by many: our love for simple and beautiful things that make our lives better.

We produce and distribute our Masala Chai Concentrate; a completely natural product that simplifies chai preparation while meeting the quality standards of specialty coffee shops. A product that anyone can use and everyone enjoys.

Founded in Barcelona, 2020.

The Motivation

When working behind the bar, time is a precious resource.

Skilled baristas have the ability to prepare delicious coffee in no time. Precise espresso machines, accurate grinders and automatic brewers allow them to crush the rush hours with no stress. However, even the best trained baristas can feel overwhelmed when preparing chai. Depending on the method, complexity and preparation time may vary. Sticky spice mixes are all-natural, but they take time to infuse and the cleaning afterwards is cumbersome. Powders are easy to use, but err… they are powders.

In coffee shops, as in any other business, efficiency is key. By saving time and improving their workflow, coffee shops become more sustainable. At the same time, simplified processes allow baristas to offer a much better customer experience.

Our Masala Chai Concentrate was developed taking all these considerations into account. We are proud to offer an all-natural product that simplifies chai preparation and makes delicious drinks.

The Founder

Julio César Franco
“I am not a chai wallah,
I am an engineer”


Scientist, gardener, project manager, photographer, barista, entrepreneur. Multi-hyphenate creator. That’s how I describe myself and, probably, how most of the people from my generation describe themselves.

Born in Medellín, Colombia. Raised in Europe. After graduating in Biotechnology, I entered the world of specialty coffee by working part-time as a barista in Barcelona while I was studying my MSc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. I completed my studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I worked in a research institute for one and a half years before returning to Barcelona.

Masala Chy was conceived as many important scientific discoveries are made, by pure serendipity. On a trip to Paris, a bowl of yoghurt with chai-infused figs triggered something in my mind. A few months later, experimenting with black cardamom –which is supposed to be used only in savoury recipes, never in chai– I managed to create a delicious chai syrup that would become the basis for the development of the Masala Chai Concentrate we all know today.

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